Meet the Madera Police Officers' Association Board Members

  • Josiah Arnold - President

    Josiah Arnold - President
    Sgt. Josiah Arnold is currently the President of the MPOA. Sgt. Arnold started his career at the MPD in 2003. He has been assigned to the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), a former member of the Honor Guard and a Use-of-Force Instructor and Range Master. Currently, Sgt. Arnold is the SIU Sergeant.
  • Brent Cederquist - Treasurer

    Brent Cederquist - Treasurer
    Corporal Brent Cederquist is currently the Treasurer of the MPOA. Corporal Cederquist started his career at the MPD in 2004. He left for a brief time to the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department and returned to the MPD in early 2005. Corporal Cederquist has down a 4 year assignment in the Traffic Division and a four-year assignment in Detectives before becoming a Corporal. Cederquist also is a member of the Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT).
  • Victoria Garcia - Board Member

    Victoria Garcia  - Board Member
    Vicky Garcia is currently the non-sworn representative to the MPOA Board. Vicky started her career in Dispatch in April of 2012. She won the Dispatcher of the Year award for calendar year 2014 and was an interim Supervisor for Dispatch and Records in 2015.
  • Josiah Arnold - President
  • Brent Cederquist - Treasurer
  • Victoria Garcia  - Board Member

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