Madera POA Proudly Endorses Kevin Cookingham for Congress District 16


Kevin Cookingham 


Kevin is running for Congress District 16, in California. Kevin was raised in Fresno, where he had a dedicated career with Clovis Unified School District. Kevin developed an extensive Student Assistance Program, supporting student success. Kevin understands and believes in the importance of education. He has a history of giving back to his community and promoting success of youth and students. Kevin prides himself on his homegrown Central Valley values, and plans to use his strong family values, career and education to take on tasks in Congress. He is focused on community safety and supports law enforcement. He plans to stimulate agriculture and various industries to bring more jobs to the Valley. Kevin understands the need for management of our forests, to prevent the devastations of wildfires. Kevin is prepared and motivated for the opportunities Congress brings, and will act with the communities’ best interest.

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