Climate Economy CEO Roundtable

NECEC’s Climate Economy CEO Roundtable is an exclusive membership opportunity for industry leaders to foster climate tech and energy innovation partnership opportunities and expand their presence across the Northeast.

NECEC helps convene executives with a deep commitment to achieving a just transition to a climate economy for networking, learning, sharing, and impact. Climate Economy CEO Roundtable participating executives will:

  • Advise NECEC staff on the areas that would have the greatest impact in preparing our workforce and ensuring underrepresented groups have access to the clean economy jobs of the future, developing the markets and enabling environments necessary for a clean economy, etc.
  • Access leading experts and innovative climate tech startups to learn the latest advances and exciting opportunities to accelerate the just transition.
  • Commit to creating more diverse and inclusive workplaces that mirror the diversity of the communities in which we work that fully embrace staff of all identities and engage on how to put this commitment into practice.

The Climate Economy CEO Roundtable membership provides access to collaboration and network opportunities with NECEC’s Strategic Partnership Network (SPN), members, sponsors, and partners. To learn more, contact NECEC at

Climate Economy CEO Roundtable Members