Member DEI Stories

Our members are making enormous strides in incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into their businesses. We have collected some of their stories and best practices on how to embrace DEI here.

The UMass Amherst Clean Energy Extension has established the Offshore Wind Career Access Scholarship, designed to increase accessibility and diversity of CEE’s interdisciplinary 3-course graduate-level certificate that prepares professionals and graduates for careers in the offshore wind industry.

Nexamp's DEI Committee has four areas of focus: talent acquisition (diverse hires), data and metrics, work/life (inclusive environment) and partnerships (making sure communities benefit, with a focus on construction).

All staff–from those working on the shop floor to the C-suite–need to participate in mandatory DEI training. This approach to inclusion has helped reduce resistance to DEI programs.

Accessibility is an important issue for Schneider because anyone can become disabled at any point in their career and people with disabilities make up the largest minority group.

BlueWave recognized that bringing more diversity into clean energy requires giving BIPOC students early exposure to career opportunities in the industry.

BlueWave recognized that it needed to engage much more purposefully on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. There is strong executive support for the committee and the executive team gives the subcommittees free range to broach various causes.

Baked into Nexamp's mission is the idea that everyone should have equal access to a clean energy future and the benefits that come with it— including jobs that provide a fair, living wage and lead to a fulfilling career.

Clean Energy Ventures' work began three years ago when the staff looked around and saw that they were primarily white and male. They knew that they were missing voices in the room and were uncomfortable with the status quo.

Eversource’s equity work has four strategic pillars: improving communication, effective engagement, interacting with customers prior to siting, and enhancing delivery of services and effectiveness of services.

Eversource saw the unique role they play in their customers’ lives and the opportunity before them to fundamentally change the way the company operates so that equity is centered in all of its work.